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Women’s Memorial March: A Tribute
A short video documenting the 2012 Women’s Memorial March in Vancouver through the words of longtime organizer Carol Martin. The march is held every February 14th in memory of murdered and missing women from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

My Way Out
As families and friends of the murdered and missing women continue to seek justice for their loved ones, many young girls and women continue to be swept to the fringes of society while living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Canada’s poorest community.  Many feel no other option than to work in often dangerous conditions as street level sex workers survive extreme poverty, violence, addiction, trauma and other unimaginable barriers. My Way Out follows one woman’s courageous journey out of survival sex work,  revealing the incredible fight it takes to make it out alive.

On October 25th, 2011, exactly one month after Americans flooded Occupy Wall Street in protest of the growing gap between rich and poor, Teeanna Munro held a student movement in her University’s cafeteria. Out of 14,000 students who attend the school, only 15 of them participated during the peak hour of engagement. But what may seem to some as an utter failure became Teeanna’s greatest life accomplishment and a monumental moment in her journey as an activist. Occupied is a five-minute, character-driven documentary that follows the Capilano student as she struggles to transform student apathy into activism. AS she begins to organize a student movement, she is quickly met with overwhelming disinterest and discovers the reality of student complacency. Although the movement had no life at Capilano University after the day of the event, Teeanna’s dedication to her cause sparked similar movements at SFU and UBC, and a network of activists against student debt and other institutional deficiencies was born.


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