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Michael Bryant Speaking at the 2014 Bottom Line Conference in Calgary
The former attorney-general of Ontario and author to share his journey of alcoholism, tragedy and transformation
The incident that changed Michael Bryant’s life forever was at least as highly publicized as his life in politics. The former attorney-general of Ontario turned CEO of Invest Toronto once chased success and the image of grandeur as though it was his lifeline. He lived what appeared to be a perfect life, with a perfect job and a perfect family, but that all came to head on April 31, 2009… Read more

Life After Loss by Suicide: Learning to live without my sister
Becky Noblet shares the journey of her grief and the memory of her sister after losing her to suicide
When Becky Noblet was a little girl, she would take the bus to school with her big sister, Jodi. She remembers her sister, who was two years older than her, wasn’t afraid of anything – Jodi was always the first to stand up for someone else, always the first to befriend an outcast, and the first to stand up to the ‘cool kids’ who would pick on the other kids on the busRead more

Schizophrenia and the Art of Communication
Two brothers use art to break through communication barriers with one another and society
It’s been 45 years since Clem Martini lost his younger brother, Ben, to suicide. A diagnosis of schizophrenia one year earlier explained the hallucinations, delusions, lethargy and other unexplained symptoms Ben was experiencing after high school graduation.With little understanding of the illness, the Martini family navigated blindly through the nightmare they hoped Ben would eventually climb out of. Instead, their beloved brother became one of the 40 to 60 per cent of people with schizophrenia who attempt suicide, and one of the 10 per cent who die from it... Read more

Living with Bipolar Disorder
Why family support is essential in coping with mental illness
Two weeks ago, Candace Watson came crashing back into reality – that is, she came down from a four-week-long manic episode. It’s just one of many in the 18 years since she was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, but the mental, physical and emotional drain of coming out of an extended “high” takes the wind out of her... Read more

Q&A: Michael Landsberg
The host of TSN’s Off The Record speaks candidly about his own journey with mental illness and how sharing his story has changed him and, more importantly, helped others
“I have depression.” I know from experience the mere idea of saying this aloud when you do have depression can feel more suffocating than the mental illness. One thing I’ve also learned is how liberating saying it out loud to someone else can be. So when people like sports broadcaster Michael Landsberg share their story, it’s a relief... Read more


Street Outreach: Breaking Down Barriers One Hug at a Time
How a simple hug can bring light, hope and love to people living in homelessness

Surviving Suicide
A mother transforms the tragic loss of her son into light by speaking out about suicide and its stigma

The Cost of Workplace Stress and Mental Illness
He went from successful sales executive and husband to psychiatric patient, single and unemployed. Bob Patrick shares his story of how workplace stress triggered life-changing mental health issues

Pastry Chef Offers a Taste of Paradise – Perpignan, France (multimedia story)

Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary 2012/13 Annual Report
From Street Outreach to Stabilization
Continuing Connections Volunteer Profile: Whitney Alpaugh
Roberts House Opens to Serve Clients Transitioning from Hospital
Advocacy:  Navigating the Mental Health System and Upholding rights under the Mental Health Act

IMPACT Magazine


Arts and Entertainment News
Le Fuzz: What’s the buzz?
Local multi-linguists take a global tack with music

KARL SCHWONIK: Down on the farm
Blind musician inspired by youth, impairment


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